Abstracts Compressors 2009

No Presenting author Authors Title
1 Vlček Petr Macálka Aleš , Kosprdová Jindra, Kolář Petr, Tuček Antonín, Vlček Petr, Oldřich Jiří The optimization of the centrifugal compressor diffuser vanes 
2 Behrini Rashid Aghajani  Behrini Rashid Aghajani  Asymmetric single screw compressors
3 Berglöf Klas  Berglöf Klas  Optimisation through Performance Inspections
4 Bielmeier Olaf  Bielmeier Olaf Heat transfer in small piston compressors
5 Bohdal Tadeusz Bohdal Tadeusz, Henryk Charun, Waldemar Kuczynski Investigation of the condensation process in the mini-systems of compressor refrigerating systems
6 Bolshtyansky Alexander Bolshtyansky Alexander, Nosov Evgeny Work an hydraulic diodes in liquid cooling lines of compressor with pulse flow 
7 Bolshtyansky Alexander Bolshtyansky Alexander, Scherba Evgeny, Lisenko Evgeny The piston compressor with gas bearing piston and the combined mechanism of a drive
8 Brandão Eric  Eric Brandão, Arcanjo Lenzi and Edmar Baars Analysis of the structural parameters of membrane absorbers for noise attenuation in small tubes 
9 Butrymowicz Dariusz Dariusz Butrymowicz, Jaroslaw Karwacki, Kamil Smierciew and Marian Trela Modelling and experimentation of low –pressure two-phase ejector 
10 Butrymowicz Dariusz Dariusz Butrymowicz, Kamil Smierciew, and Jaroslaw Karwacki Experimental investigation and modelling of low-pressure ejection refrigeration cycle
11 Coulomb Didier  Coulomb Didier  Refrigerants : a new step forward
12 Cyklis Piotr Cyklis Piotr A transmittance approach to the pressure pulsation analysis in volumetric compressor manifolds
13 Čejka Zbynek Čejka Zbynek The compressor choice for a high temperature heat pump installation  
14 Čejka Zdenek Čejka Zdenek Some aspects of the vapour injection in the heat pumptechnology
15 Čurka Daniel Čurka Daniel, Molotta Michal, Juriga M. Low pressure showered evaporator in absorption cooling unit
16 Čurka Daniel Čurka Daniel, Molotta Michal, Juriga M. Absorption Cooling Unit with cooling power of 20 kW heated by solar energy
17 Dagilis Vytautas Vytautas Dagilis, Liutauras Vaitkus Friction losses of the ecological compressor. Experimental investigation and analysis
18 Dutra Thiago  Thiago Dutra, Cesar J Deschamps Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Lubricating Oil on the Heat Transfer in the Shell of a Small Reciprocating Compressor
19 Fabian H. Fabian H. Shiomi, Celso K. Takemori, César J. Deschamps Comparative Analysis of Different Modeling Approaches for Valve Dynamics of Small Reciprocating Compressors
20 Flaga-Maryanczyk Agnieszka Agnieszka Flaga-Maryanczyk,  Jacek Schnotale A sludge drying heat pump with CO2 and ammonia as natural refrigerants
21 Flohr Felix Flohr Felix, Meurer Christoph  Options to replace R22
22 Füri Belo Füri Belo, Juraj Švingál Some experimental results with ammonia base azeotropic refrigerant R723 in small heat pump
23 Gaertner Eduardo Gaertner Luis Eduardo, Leandro Lucas Rodrigues Porto A new discharge system for commercial application compressor: an acoustic and structural approach
24 Gogol Oleksii   Oleksii Gogol, Valeriy Pritula  Study of evaporating systems elements providing heat exchange intensification in refrigeration 
25 Halozan Hermann Halozan Hermann Heat Pumps, Energy and the Environment
26 Chang Yu-Choung  Yu-Choung Chang, Jerry Chao Scroll compressor design optimization and implementation with variable speed
27 Ishii Noriaki Tatsuya Oku, Keiko Anami, Takuma Tsuji  Fundamental Optimal Design Guideline of Reciprocating Compressors for Their Highest Mechanical Efficiency 
28 Javerschek Oliver Javerschek Oliver Various systems and advanced compressor design for commercial applications with CO2
30 Kaiser Harald Kaiser Harald A new CO2 Compressor for Heat pump and air conditioning
31 Kalinkevych Mykola Mykola Kalinkevych, Viktoriya Ihnatenko, Olha Hontar Automated Design System of Centrifugal Compressor Impeller
32 Kämmer Norbert Kämmer Norbert Pump Technologies for Space Heating in Europe
33 Kiseľ Dušan  Kiseľ Dušan  Precision and security with the refrigeration system analyzers
34 Kok Ming Tan Kok Ming Tan, Kim Tiow Ooi A Theoretical Study of a Revolving Vane Compressor
35 Kuo Cheng-Shu   Cheng-Shu Kuo and Ling-Yu Chao   The Experimental Study of Performance of a Heat Pump System Using Carbon Dioxide
36 Lain Miloš Lain Miloš Overall cooling factor of air-conditioning
37 Lang Wolfgang Lang Wolfgang, Almbauer Raimund, Nagy Daniel  Comparison of two different approaches to model the suction valve dynamics of a hermetic reciprocating compressor
38 Lang Wolfgang Lang Wolfgang, Almbauer Raimund, Nagy Daniel  Evaluation of different suction muffler parameters using DOE
39 Lemort Vincent  Vincent Lemort, Sylvain Quoilin and Christophe Pire Experimental investigation on a hermetic scroll expander
40 Lemort Vincent  Vincent Lemort, Eric Winandy, and Sylvain Quoilin Semi-empirical model of a hermetic scroll compressor based on dimensionless parameters 
41 Liu Yang Guang  Yang Guang Liu, Yueh Ju Tang, Chinghua Hung Scroll Compressor Simulation Program and Optimization
42 Lokietek Tomasz Katarzyna Kedzierska, Tomasz Lokietek, Boguslaw Zakrzewski  The analysis of breakdowns of refrigerating compressors
43 Martinyuk Maxim Maxim Martinyuk, Mykhaylo Khmelnyuk  Change of a working substance for propane turbocompressor
44 Milovanov V.I.  Milovanov V.I., Fialkovsky K.A., Milovanova V.V.  Mathematical design of the working process impermeable refrigeration СO2-compressors 
45 Milovanov Valeriy  Milovanov V., Budanov W., Galkin A. Investigation of vibration of rotors of industrial turbo compressors

46 Miroslav Petrák Miroslav Petrák Eco-compressors versus air cooled subcoolers
47 Morriesen A. A. Morriesen, Cesar J Deschamps Measurement of Temperature Transients in the Suction System of a Reciprocating Compressor
48 Nagy Dániel  Dániel Nagy, Dr. Raimund Almbauer, Lang Wolfgang Experimental validation of a one- and a three-dimensional simulation model for the discharge line of a hermetic reciprocating compressor
49 Nesterenko Grigory Nesterenko Grigory Calculation of accuracy of fabrication disks of axial compressor with provision for influences of power in the technological system
50 Nesterenko Grigory Nesterenko Grigory, Bolshtyansky Alexander Possibility of evaluation of axial displacing a linen of disk of axial compressor under mechanical processing
51 Nichenko Sergey V.  Sergey V. NICHENKO, Yury V. SEMENYUK , Volodymyr I. ZHYVYTSYA, Vitaly P. ZHELEZNY An analysis of existing evaluation methods of the efficiency of the refrigerating plant
52 Nichenko Sergey V.  Sergey V. NICHENKO, Vitaly V. SECHENYH, Yury V. SEMENYUK, Boris V. KOSOY, Ravi KUMAR, Vitaly P. ZHELEZNY Changing  the thermophysical properties of the  liquid phase for real working fluid  in  evaporator
53 Oguz Emre  Emre Oguz, Tufan Arslan Transient computational fluid dynamics analysis of the suction mufflers used in hermetic reciprocating compressors
54 Osama Al-Hawaj Osama Al-Hawaj Analytical modeling of a sliding vane compressor 
55 Pereira Evandro L L  Evandro L L Pereira, César J Deschamps, Fernando A. Ribas Jr. Numerical Prediction of Heat Transfer in the Cylinder of Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressors
56 Pfeil Volkmar  Gasper Ralf, Pfeil Volkmar  Reciprocating Compressors with VSD – Potential of Energy Savings   in Supermarket Refrigeration
57 Puff Rinaldo Rinaldo Puff , Marcos G. Dropa de Bortoli Fatigue Analysis of the Suspension X Stopper System of Reciprocating Compressors
58 Real Marcelo Real Marcelo, Pereira, Eduardo A.G. Measuring hermetic compressor valve lift using fiberoptic sensors
59 Renno Carlo Carlo Renno Dynamic behaviour  study of a compressor scroll 
60 Ribas Jr. Fernando A.  Fernando A. Ribas Jr., Edmar Baars, Carlos Vendrami Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the gas pressure pulsation inside suction and discharge systems of reciprocating compressors
61 Ruciński Adam  Ruciński Adam, Rusowicz Artur The investigation of the betaine-water mixtures as the energy carrier
62 Shende Rajendra  Shende Rajendra  Refrigeration industry : Opportunity  to change the climate of post-Kyoto
63 Scherba Victor  Scherba Victor  The comparative analysis of influence of organic laws of change of volume of a working cavity on characteristics of the piston one-stage compressor
64 Schreiner João Ernesto  João Ernesto Schreiner, César J Deschamps, Fernando A. Ribas Jr., Jader R Barbosa Jr. Thermal Management of a Commercial Reciprocating Compressor through Numerical Simulation
65 Stoyanov Pavlo    Pavlo   Stoyanov,  Anatoliy   Lagutin The optimization of finned heat-exchange compressor surfaces
66 Subiantoro Alison  Alison Subiantoro, Ooi Kim Tiow Frictional losses of a Revolving Vane Expander
67 Tomlein Peter  Tomlein Peter  Inspections and diagnostic based on F gas regulation   
68 Valero Paolo Valero Paolo, Zgliczynski Marek Heat Pump Laundry Dryer- R134a & Environment Friendly Alternatives
69 Visek Matej      Visek Matej Impact of Compressor Modulation Technologies Upon Seasonal System Efficiency
70 Winandy Eric  E. Winandy, A. Glowala and G.Hundy Application of the Capacity Controlled Scroll Compressor in Refrigeration
71 Yuanyang Zhao  Zhao Yuanyang, Li Liansheng, Sun Shuaihui, Shu Pengcheng, Xiong Chunjie Heat transfer simulation research on refrigeration scroll compressor
72 Zelek Grzegorz  Grzegorz Zelek, Piotr Cyklis Dealing with some numerical instabilities in reciprocating compressor simulation program
73 Zhyvytsya Volodymyr Mykhaylo KHMELNYUK, Eugen KORBA, Volodymyr ZHYVYTSYA, Viktor Chepurnenko  Mixtures of carbon dioxide with hydrocarbons as working substances for refrigerators
74 Zhyvytsya Yuri Yuriy Zhyvytsya, Eldar Vaynfeld, Oksana Glazeva, Oleg Onishchenko Indirect determination of refrigerant mass flow to estimate the current value of energy efficiency in small scale systems
75 Zoltan Attila Zoltan Attila Implementation of F gas Monitoring